Old World Quality Means...

Build Quality

We take craftsmanship seriously. Carefully constructed, meticulously looked after and an artisanship that is unrivaled, we deliver amazing craftsmanship worthy of old world standards.

Build Green

We work with environmentally conscious partners to make sure your home is sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Build to Suit

We build your home to your taste, preference, budget and needs. We deliver an amazing home that you will be proud of.

About Us

A custom home will proudly reflect its builder, designer and owners aesthetics. If you're looking for uncompromising quality and timeless classic design, you'll want to find it in your builder. Our primary goal is to build with integrity, one home at a time. By putting you first, the rest is straightforward and easy. We want you to be proud of your home. This means spending time listening to your needs. This also means designing construction details from the start, that will not only be aesthetically enduring but structurally sound. Details that will enable you to lower your maintenance costs and leave you more time to relax and enjoy the quiet ambiance which an adobe home will give with the rich textures of smooth plastered walls and the warm tones of pine ceilings. We are proud of our work. When we speak of "Old World Quality" we refer to those old-fashioned values of hard work, honesty, reliability and craftsmanship. We'll gladly refer you to our previous customers. We are also proud of them – it is their ideas and cooperation that a true custom home boasts of.

Old World Quality, Old World Homes, est. 1983

Old World Quality, Old World Homes, est. 1983

“Old World Quality” has been the motto of Hartenberger Construction Inc. for over 33 years. This motto looks back to a work ethic and attitude that values craftsmanship, such as a luthier who takes pride in what he has made, signing each instrument in his own name. I am a hands-on builder. I have chosen […]


When we moved to New Mexico six years ago and begin the process of looking for a quality adobe home builder, it became apparent through our conversations with you that your team was the one to select out of the three bids we considered — you educated us well on the differences between adobe and non-adobe homes, and provided many useful recommendations about details and appointments that would increase the value of our home overtime. We are very please with the adobe house you built us, which we have called home five years now. Your attention to detail, selection of a committed team of workers, attention to budget considerations and the deadline by which we needed to move and was excellent.

- Leslie McNertney

John completed construction of my house in May 2003, pretty much on schedule. During the construction of the house I spent considerable time on site, allowing me to come to know John not only as a builder, but as a person, and ultimately as a friend. Over this time there were so many experiences that deserve mention, but let me share just a few of the things that stand out in my mind. And the initial planning phase of the house I met regularly with the architect over a period of several weeks. John made the effort to join us in virtually all of these meetings. This was something that he did not have to do, but having him at these meetings allowed us to avoid the types of miscommunications and conflicts that frequently occur between the builder and the architect once the construction begins. Throughout the entire building process there was a cost and exchange of ideas on ways to improve the final product. These changes in plans often entailed some additional work, but Jon was always happy to make the changes that often resulted in important improvements. I soon came to realize that Jon took as much personal interest in the quality of the work and the final product as I did. Having heard so many horror stories about building a house I have to admit that I entered this construction process with considerable trepidation. I’m happy to say that Jon and I remain good friends and I discovered over the past several years that this is also true for his other clients.

Finally, John’s commitment does not end with the completion of the house. I can’t tell you how many times Jon’s come back on my request to fix or tweak various minor problems that normally occur the few first few years after moving in. In my experience it is extremely rare to find a builder with his level of integrity and willingness to make such a personal commitment to his work. In sum, I love my house and I give Jon my highest recommendation on all counts without any reservations.

- Peder Johnson

My husband and I recently completed a major remodel and addition to our North Valley home. We interviewed multiple candidates for contracting the work, and we fully agreed on hiring Jon Hartenberger for his insistence on quality, his many years in the business of home building, and his clear communication with us and his sub-contractors… When doing a large remodel or addition you meet many people within the trades community and everyone we met with told us that Jon is “a true craftsman.” His attention to details, plans to foresee future problems and prevent them, or to creatively work through a desired style or function within our budget was very evident throughout this project. Jon’s quality of work is a priority to him and he carries that over into all the work he oversees from other sub-contractors.

The most notable characteristics of Jon’s professionalism are in his integrity and in his ability to communicate. There are always unforeseeable problems that arise in the remodel of an older house, but Jon would clearly describe and show us any issues and discuss the options for fixing them before proceeding. We always had the contract to refer to for specific costs but if new things came up, pricing was always discussed and decided upon in advance so that no “extras” we’re ever surprises. This was our first home remodeling experience and Jon was available to listen to our questions or desires and provide an open line of communication throughout the entire project… Read more at Houzz.com


- The Bienarz Family

“I have been working with Hartenberger Construction for the past eight years. I have found them to exhibit the highest degree of professionalism. The work they performed was always of the highest quality and delivered on time and to the specifications of the quote. I would highly recommend Hartenberger Construction for your next project.”

- David Rakestraw

“I have worked with Jon for many years and expect to for a long time. As an Architect I appreciate any builder who loves his craft and pays attention to detail. Jon brings his years of experience to bear on his construction tasks, contemplates the design ramifications of decisions and is entirely open to dialogue to work through issues. High quality, energy efficiency, and celebration of the unique permeates his custom work. Jon is a pleasure to work with. I would hire him to build my own personal home.”

- Environmental Dynamics

Hartenberger Construction does not use shortcuts. Work is done professionally according to the contract and is done carefully and skillfully to the customer’s satisfaction. In the most recent contract it was necessary to rebuild the parapets to successfully hold the rubber roof (EDM) in place so it would not shrink causing exposure of the roof to leaks. It was also necessary to supplement the EDM so that existing exposures were covered. The original builder had used material which was too soft to hold the EDM in place. It is the opinion of Hartenberger that the repaired roof will be secure for many, many years ahead.
We have used Hartenberger Construction many times in the past and have been and continue to be totally pleased with their work and attitude.

I am writing in reference to the excellent experiences I have had with Jon Hartenberger, who has been our contractor on several major projects at the Church and at our home. In every instance, Jon has been thorough, professional, conscientious, and courteous. His work has always reflected a degree of skill and commitment seldom found today.

- Rev. James Anderson

I am writing to thank you for all of your good work in building the home for me, my wife and my kids. Nora and I both appreciated your commitment to building a quality home for a reasonable price. More importantly, we appreciate your commitment to making sure that Nora and I were happy with the result.

- William R. Keleher